A British man has been run out of Kyrgyzstan after he called the country’s national dish a horse penis.

Miner Michael McFeat sparked a diplomatic incident when he compared the chuchuk sausage – a traditional delicacy – to a stallion’s Johnson.

The 39-year-old Scot posted a picture of co-workers at a gold mine in Kumtor queueing in the canteen with the caption: “The Kyrgyz people queuing out of the door for their special delicacy the horse’s penis!!!”

Chuchuk is actually a sausage stuffed with horse meat and spices.2FC4BED900000578-0-image-a-31_1451847170432

But co-workers were so enraged by his comment they called a strike and demanded Michael be arrested.

Michael immediately claimed he had been the victim of a practical joke, telling his bosses he had been told chuchuk was a horse penis while working in Kyrgyzstan previously.

But the following day security guards marched him to the mine’s safety office, where he was told an angry mob was on its way to lynch him.

The terrified Scot was smuggled off site in an ambulance, then transferred to a Jeep bound for Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek.

However, 110 miles from the city two cars full of angry locals ambushed the Jeep, ramming it repeatedly and trying to force it off the road.

Fearing for their lives, the guards shoved Michael out of the Jeep, told him somebody would be along to collect him, and sped off.

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